Quick Low Budget Fixes That Can Help Sell Your Home

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The global competitive real estate market we currently experience leaves no room for error. If you want to sell your home fast there are a few quick fixes to apply. Make sure you follow at least a few of them and even add some not listed below. Your bank balance will thank you as soon as the buy goes through.

  1. Add power outlets with USB ports 
  2. Update wiring for the Internet and flat-screen TVs 
  3. Clean carpets and wooden floors 
  4. Expand a small kitchen 
  5. Clear out and clean the garage
  6. Pay attention to landscaping
  7. Paint exterior windows, doors, gutters, downspouts and trim. 
  8. Remove, store, or discard excessive accessories 
  9. Get the house inspected before it’s listed 
  10. Outfit closets for extra storage 
  11. Tighten a home’s “envelope” to improve energy efficiency and savings with roof and geyser insulation, energy saving appliances and more.
  12. Use what you have, and arrange each room in a conversational way if possible.
  13. Remove and replaced faded curtains, fabrics and rugs.
  14. Replace old, dated, or worn bedding. 
  15. Toss out old magazines.
  16. Check smells regularly. 
  17. Make rooms lighter and larger for showings with good lighting. 
  18. Go with plants rather than flowers indoors 
  19. Pay attention to your bathrooms. 

Be sure your house is priced competitively with the current market and homes in your area. 

Author: Annemarie Swanepoel

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