Swimming Pool Safety Tips

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Summer, sun and swim all goes hand in hand. Especially when we expect high temperatures this season. It is however important to ensure complete safety in all aspects.

  1. Keep the pool covered at all times especially for the safety of children and animals.
  2. Fencing around the pool should be at least 120 cm high with the addition of a self-latching gate. Year after year we hear of many sad stories of small children falling and drowning in swimming pools and water features. The same with animals – they might also fall into deep water and be unable to get themselves out.
  3. A pool-alarm may be installed which goes off whenever someone enters the pool.
  4. Ensure all family members can swim and if not, are at least water-safe. Also invest in a first aid course where family members of all ages knows what to do when a person or animal falls into a pool.
  5. Keep children under supervision at all times.
  6. Make sure all parts of the pump and filtration system is in working order.
  7. Test the water regularly to make sure that the pH is balanced – water too high in acid or chlorine might damage skin and eyes.
  8. Never allow anyone under the influence of alcohol to enter the pool.

Have fun and enjoy the summer sun!

Author: Annemarie Swanepoel

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